(poking her head and arm out of split in tree)

I say, will you please let us out

We're trapped in here - just turn about

(M.G.T.R. turn round to see Vka half out of tree)

Don't be scared - it's only me

We're stuck inside this big old tree.

M.G.T.R. (terrified - they hide behind log)



Please come and help an old lady

Your strong young arms can set us free

RONNIE (to other pupils)

What shall we do?


Who is it?


What are they doing stuck in a dead tree?


Come on, let's help them.

(M.G.T.R. come from behind log and pull on split section of tree)


That fine young strength your arms retain

Can free us from our wooden frame


They pulled and pulled. Their strength was deep.

Then they all fell over in a heap

(Section of tree splits. M.G.T.R. fall down. Much shouting.

Fgm and Vka come out from tree and dance around)


No longer by dead wood surrounded

We're free at last


Oh joy unbounded!


What is happening? Why were you stuck in that tree?


How did you get there?

I am fairy godmother, the champion of all that's good.

We upset the wicked witch. She locked us up in wood.

And this is…..


Chardonnay! (preening her hair)


And this is Verrouka, my worthy aid and a high born dame,

Who has no need to be embarrassed by her name.




Wow! This is great. Fancy this happening to us! Is it real?


Of course it is!


Are you a….err…. what's one of those funny magic creatures that gives you three wishes? What are they called…a…err ……leprecheen?


A leprecheen? A leprecheen?

They speak in Irish and dress in green.

A leprechaun is the word you seek

So you talk proper, you great big geek.


Verrouka! Speak nicely to our friends

Before you have to make amends.

You know they saved us from our doom

And now we will grant them a boon.

Leprechauns can grant three wishes, would that I could

I grant just one, so make it good.


Wow! A magic wish. What shall we go for?

(M.G.T.R. go into a huddle to discuss their wish.

As Fgm and Vka refer to each of M.G.T.R. they hold an arm out over each person and Garry, etc are raised from the huddle)


Lets take a look at this little lot

It will help unfold the plot

Here's Garry such a lovely lad

Suffers from a background bad


His dad does drugs, his mother drinks

No wonder that his chances stink.

He really fancies gorgeous Millie (Fgm points out Millie)

Trouble is, we don't know, will he

Tell her of his love or be too shy

And always let his chance go by.


This is Tootsie, what a beauty

Failed in every childhood duty


Hates her dog, sticks pins in mice

There's not much about her that's nice.

Her and Ronnie, (Fgm points out Ronnie) they're an item

But you should see them when they're fightin'

(Tootsie puts her hands round Ronnie's neck. Millie and Garry intervene.

Fgm waves her hand and pupils go back into huddle)


This one's Ronnie. He's quite bonnie

Likes his burgers a bit too much

A nervous affliction brought on this addiction

He needs to escape from its clutch


Him and Garry when they're meeting

They have this funny sort of greeting

(Fgm waves her hand. Millie and Tootsie freeze.

Ronnie and Garry do a greeting routine. Fgm waves her hand again and Ronnie and Garry and the two girls immediately go back into their huddle)


Now look, what I want is………(his voice fades to silent argument)


And finally

There's kind Millie

Kind of strange I'd say

She picks her nose and kicks the cat

She swears and shouts and worse than that

She settles a row with a cricket bat

(Millie aims punch at Garry. Tootsie and Ronnie intervene.

Fgm waves her hand and M.G.T.R. immediately go back into their huddle)


Glory be! We'd best not cuss

But what a bunch of misfits have come to rescue us.

(M.G.T.R. emerge from their huddle obviously angry and agitated)

TOOTSIE - I want a huge house

GARRY - I want a luxury yacht

MILLIE - I want a private plane

RONNIE - I want my own burger bar

(Fgm shakes her head sadly)


We'll let you talk amongst yourselves

And see what you decide

(M.G.T.R. go back into huddle)

VKA (to Fgm)

Let's hope it'll be for the common good

And fill them full of pride.

RONNIE (emerging from huddle)

OK. We're agreed. Lottery. We want to win a quadruple rollover lottery

(the others nod and say yes)

VKA (consulting magic spells book)

Our book of magic spells,

Thinks your idea smells

Far from doing lottery,

It goes straight from 'jinx' to 'pottery'

(holds up pages of book)


Try to think about your past

Do you really want those ways to last your whole life through

Or can you cast aside the burden placed on you

You know within your secret selves what you must do

MILLIE (sighing and with a change of mood)

What shall we choose then? Something good for us….and everyone else as well?


We could do something that will make us rich and famous…. And help others too?


What about if we put on a show. Full of song, dance and music

TOOTSIE (gazing at Ronnie)

Romance, tenderness, girl meets boy

MILLIE (looking furtively at Garry)

Happy ever after.

VKA (aside to audience)

Let's not go and push our luck. It

Might require a sick bucket.

RONNIE (excited)

Ok. Look… what about that…. a musical… song and dance. We could all take part.


We can write the script and the songs, have a band, be a brilliant success


When we put on the show, a great impresario will be in the audience. He'll take the show to the West End, then New York, Broadway!


We'll be the stars in the film version. We'll all be megastars!

(M.G.T.R. do high fives)


Alright. That sounds just great to me

A musical it will be

And now to make it all come true

A wave of my wand is due (looks in tree, can't find it)

It must have fallen out round here

Please help us take a look.

MILLIE (picks up stick and gives it to Vka)

What about this?


Could be, but it's a little queer

I'll check it in the book right here.

Hmmm…magic wands, straight sides, two bumps.

It all seems to tally (she gives wand to Fgm)


This is the first of many jobs,

So let's not dilly dally

(Fgm and Vka start to go into preparations for casting a spell.

Vka sprinkles powder on Fgm's hands. Fgm rubs hands together)


What's she doing?


Getting ready to cast a spell.


Won't she need the eyes of toad and bat's blood?



FGM (she and Vka read from the book of spells)

Hocus Pocus

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