Description of main characters


Fairy Godmother - played by a woman of mature age, maternal, warm hearted, good natured, possessed of magic powers, sees the good side of everything, sister of Wicked Witch, separated as children. One solo song.

Verrouka - the Fairy Godmother's assistant, played by a woman of mature age, comic, more worldly wise than the Fairy godmother, if possible with a Birmingham or other regional accent. No solo songs.

Wicked Witch - played by a woman of mature age, possessed of evil magic powers but not evil or frightening, more playful and amusing, laconic, sarcastic, bored. A comedy character who renounces evil and turns to good halfway through, sister of Fairy godmother, separated as children. No solo songs.

Four main student characters

Millie - female, quick tempered but also level headed and intelligent, soothes confrontation between others, secretly loves Garry, best mate is Tootsie. Several solo songs.

Garry - male, quick tempered and also level headed, bravely confronts Wicked Witch, secretly loves Millie, best mate is Ronnie. Several solo songs.

Tootsie - female, quick tempered, slightly dizzy, comically high opinion of herself, best mate is Millie, boyfriend is Ronnie. Several solo songs.

Ronnie - male, likes his food, needs to have real or false moderate burger belly, becomes director of show which students put on, best mate is Garry, girlfriend is Tootsie. Several solo songs.

Other characters

Headmistress - female, down to earth, plain speaking, no nonsense, loveable, preferably with northern accent. No solo songs.

Mr Camp - male, outdoor activities master, outrageously camp, limp wristed, pronounces 'R' as 'W', full of self importance. He speaks in a frightfully posh manner. Two solo songs.

Mr Bumnote - preferably male but could be female, music teacher, full of self importance, arrogant, preferably able to sing in falsetto or high squeaky voice. One solo song.

Monsieur Camembert - male, French teacher, full of self importance, very French, beret, pencil twirly moustache, exaggerated French accent, lecherous desires on headmistress. One solo song.

The two cooks

(Could be male or female - always together - no solo songs

Currant - stammers, friendly, warm hearted, comic

Bunn - gets words muddled (merds wuddled), friendly, warm hearted, comic